Aluminum Specials

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Standard aluminum dashboards.

Aluminum dashboards for vehicles and boats are made in 2 versions.

There are a number of common mounting plates available for each type. It is also possible to order a closed plate and make your own holes for lamps, counters and switches.

Lamps, power distributors, adhesive foil and carbon foil can also be included.

The dashboards are mounted with low stainless steel button head socket head screws and have a rubber finishing edge. The feed-through holes in the bottom are also provided with rubber grommets to prevent damage to the power wires.


  • Autocross
  • Endurance autocross
  • Offroad 4×4 jeeps
  • Hillclimb cars
  • Motorboats
  • Buggy’s
  • Powerboats


Aluminum parts for cooling systems.

AluTank also makes various components for cooling systems. The main activities for this are:

  • The ‘Ducato’ cooling hoods (with Spal Ø414 connection)
  • Suspension brackets and mudguards.
  • Custom aluminum pipework with branches and flanges
  • Aluminum cooling reservoirs with pressure relief cap
  • Custom cooling water flanges

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