About Alutank

Customized aluminum products

Since 2017, AluTank has been producing custom aluminum tanks and accessories. Thanks to knowledge gained in the oil and gas industry, sheet metal working, materials science and racing, we can built you unique tanks with a variety of applications and shapes.

Aluminum tanks have a specific use. That is why consultation between you and AluTank is important to built a good product that is completely according to your specifications.

Our new standard tank

AluTank’s standard tank is designed for efficiency. Due to a smart design with self-built machines, this tank can be produced cheaply. The design is robust and the sloping bottom makes it possible to fully use the contents.


By using weld-on sockets , with interchangeable connections, you have the choice to mount different diameters of hoses. The models are conveniently arranged in terms of content and dimensions, so that they are easy to use for your application.

Alutank. Tailor-made solutions

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In-house production

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